Friday, April 9, 2010


Everybody knows that London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. I've always wanted to visit the city and see first-hand how it is to be British. We had that opportunity 2 years ago and our trip was as exciting as I expected it to be...well, minus the weather. 2 out of the 3 days we spent in London were rainy and chilly. But we still had a great time!

Since the the dollar to pound rate was so low (and still is) we decided to take the "TUBE" most of our stay in London. The London Undergraound is the main public transportation in the city and neighboring areas serving about 270 stations. It was kinda confusing going thru the TUBE map. But we got to our destination in one piece and most of all on time and that's all we cared about. Time was precious. So much to see...So much to do...


The "Underground" (the subway)

The black cab is an icon in England. When you see a black cab in a movie you always know it was shot in London. Or at least they want you to think it was set in London.  The cab drivers are considered to be the best tour guides as they are required to know every street, big and small, of the city and its outskirts. Contrary to belief these cabs also come in different colors.

The black cab

Inside the cab

The red double-decker bus is another icon of London. Talk about space-savers! It was so much fun to ride one. Of course to take full advantage of the sights you have to sit on the top deck.

View from the top of the double-decker

On every street in the city are these red telephone booths. These boxes were first introduced by the UK post office in the 1920s, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott.


Every corner of every street

The River Thames is a major river that runs through Southern England and most of London. It is the second longest river in the country. If you want to see London's major spots then all you have to do is ride the ferry boat through the river.

Resto-bar on the River Thames

The London Eye is one of the biggest Ferris Wheels in the world and the largest in Europe. It has 32 sealed and air-conditioned egg-shaped capsules. We didn't get to ride it though. We're scared of heights!

The Tower Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. It is located on River Thames and is close to the Tower of London, thus its name. Talking about icons this bridge is definitely the iconic symbol of London. The bridge consists of 2 towers at each end and are connected by 2 walk-ways. People often call this the London Bridge but the real London Bridge is the next bridge upstream.

Distant view of the bridge on the River Thames


Going towards the walk-way

Second level walk-way

The real London Bridge

The Houses of Parliament or Palace of Westmister is the meeting venue for the houses of parliament of UK. On one of its ends is the world famous Big Ben which is actually the giant bell inside the tower, not the clock.

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

Houses of Parliament up-close. Magnificent architecture (Gothic style)

Big Ben is hidden inside the clock tower

A block away from the Palace of Westminster is of course the Westminster Abbey. Several coronations took place in this church. This is also where the wedding and, unfortunately, the funeral of Princess Diana took place.

The massive door

Trafalgar Square is located in central London. At the center of the square is Nelson's Column and on each end are 4 stone lions. Fountains also adorn the square.

The guardian

The fountain

The Piccadilly Circus is a chic area kinda like London's version of Time Square, to me at least. Just like Time Square it has several neon signs, fancy restaurants, theatres, pubs, and shops. On one area of Piccadilly is a fountan dedicated to Eros (Cupid). However, this fountain was originally intended for Eros' twin brother, Anteros. Didn't even know he had a twin. I do learn a lot from my trips...

Time Square?

Fountain of Anteros/Eros

St. Paul's Cathedral is an Anglican church located on Ludgate Hill which is the highest point in the city. This church is the seat of the bishop of London. Today it remains as an active church but also a very popular tourist spot.

We couldn't make it to Buckingham Palace and watch the changing of the guards coz it started pouring on our 2nd day. It would've been a sight to see!

I felt 3 days was enough to enjoy London. However, I can stay longer if we had more time. As I've said, so much to much to do...There's just never enough time.