Sunday, January 24, 2010


Boracay is an island in the Philippines, specifically located in the the province of Visayas. According to Yahoo!Travel it is one of the world's most popular beaches in 2007.

Getting to the island can be a hassle for some as you need to either get there by plane or ship then ride a small boat in order to get to the island itself. And yet for some this can be a great adventure. We rode a small charter plane which seated 9 passengers. It was quite of a bumpy ride for me because we chose a date when a typhoon was lurking around the country....

We were a very adventurous couple. We did not book a hotel beforehand because we wanted to explore our options and choose the best accommodation for our 5-day trip. However, that feat proved to be very challenging because as soon as our boat docked rain started to pour and the wind was howling like a hungry banshee.

But at last we found a gorgeous beachfront hotel after a few minutes of haggling with the hotel manager. My husband just loves to haggle. Scheduling a trip during the monsoon season has its perks after all.

There were not a whole lot of people in the island due to the typhoon but we enjoyed ourselves tremendously without getting worried of placing a reservation in restaurants on time or fighting over securing a good spot on the beach. Speaking of the beach, it was actually barren as the desert. I attempted to brave the waves but failed so I just decided to hang out by the beach.

Our trip was phenomenal except for the occasional rain here and there but we were able to do some activities such as riding a bike around the island, snorkeling, boat riding, shopping and of course sampling all the restaurants we found appealing to our taste buds.

The trip came to an end. I left with a heavy heart but at the same excited to be going back to the bustling city. I highly recommend this island for those who love beaches. However, try not to schedule your trip between May and August ;)

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  1. Wow lovely photo. How is your vacation, is it great? Boracay is the best place for relaxing....

    Tanya Gemarin