Monday, March 1, 2010


Niagara falls is located in Ontario, Canada and considered to be one of Mother Nature's most precious possessions. The falls actually lies on the border between Ontario and New York. Therefore, you can catch a glimpse of this magnificent cascading body of water from the US or Canada side. I prefer the Canada side. The view is better ;)

We decided to take a road trip as this was more fun and of course, economical. Took us 6 hours to get to the border then we spent the night at a friend's house in Milton, a suburb of Toronto.



Then from Milton it was about an hour's drive to get to the Falls.When we got there I was amazed by how touristy the area was. Lots of fancy attractions, restaurants, hotels, mini amusement parks and casinos. 

We only had a day to spend there so we did not waste too much time. We headed straight to the bank to get our first view of the falls. And boy oh boy was it a sight to see!

The best way to get the most out of your Niagara experience is by riding the Maid of the Mist. It is a ferry that can take you so close to the falls that you can actually almost touch the falling water. Of course you need to don the very fashionable blue rain coat otherwise you'll be soaked from head to toe. We still got wet though but who cares! We got so close that we could hear the rumbling sounds as the powerful weight of the falling water hit the rocks on the bottom. It was a a very exciting moment. Kinda scary too since I kept thinking our boat would strike the giant boulders but nothing like that happened. Thank God! Maid of the Mist

After that "thrilling" ride we walked around the touristy area and just decided to act like tourists. We went into a haunted house, ate at a fancy colorful overpriced restaurant, went into some mini amusement parks and even the Lego exhibit.

Most people consider Niagara Falls as a romantic spot (not me). And we did see a lot of people getting married there. How sweet! Hope they don't decide to get married on the ferry. The bride's gown would be soaked. But then you can always don a fashionable white rain coat ;)

Overall, the trip was ok. The falls was absolutely phenomenal. I wouldn't spend more than a day there which is what we did. It was a quick weekend getaway for my husband and me. Just to get away from the bustling city and appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer....

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